A la carte

I work with different doctors almost every day. What I’m doing depends on the doctor I’m working with or which doctor I’m on the phone with at the time. It can be super frustrating.

Doctor A wants things done this way when they are in the department. Doctor B wants to do it a totally different way. Doctor C doesn’t care how its done as long as it’s done. None of the docs actually communicate their wants with the nurse until the nurse does it the way they don’t like. Oh, and Doctor D on the phone wants the test done with contrast but Doctor E ordered it without. As the nurse, I’m just supposed to make it work. It’s as if I should be able to read minds.

Sometimes it feels like doctors order from a menu when they give orders to nurses. A little of this, some of that, a few of those… I just wish we could all get on the same page. Let’s pick a method and stick with it. Why is this so hard?

6 thoughts on “A la carte

  1. Hi! I’m an LPN at a clinic. Well was, for about 6 years. I now do homecare for the fragile child. This is the exact feeling I had about the doctors at my clinic and how we catered to them. They don’t care about the flow, their only thinking about getting out on time and going home the moment they walk in. Not all Docs are like that you always have that one or two that is super relax and makes your day equally smooth. Yea I had my faves lol. But how about the docs that complain your too slow when you don’t have a phlebotomy Dept. Your the phlebotomists, your the therapist, and lastly their nurse. You can’t predict how a nurse and patients visits will go. Drawing blood, wiping tears, educating. Nurses need to be treated with more respect. If we’re given authority, shouldn’t we be respected when we make our own decision on what’s next best for the patient and clinic?


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