Story time no.6

Sitting at the front nursing station when the door rings.

"Delivery for STICU!"

Delivery? It's one in the morning, what the hell is being delivered at one in the…




He's delivering the God forsaken leeches!

I am thoroughly grossed out. I hate leeches. I hate them with every fiber of my being. I can't touch them. I don't even want to look at them… but I need to open the box so we can put the squirmy bastards in their refrigerated tanks.

I managed to open the box. As you can see, I even managed to pick up one of the bags.

That's as far as I got.

Dude was far too squirmy and I was far too grossed out to do anything else with them. God bless our tech for being able to grab the box and take them away from me so she can put them away.

I'm a horrible charge nurse. I'll take that. I'm not touching those bastards though…

Story time no.2

It’s a work night. I’m charge. Typically I’m a black cloud. It’s the usual. One hour into my shift we are hit with two admissions. No biggie, we have the staffing for once! 

One of the new patients to come has a potassium of 7… Up from 6.1 two hours earlier. They are a renal patient on T/Th/S dialysis normally. They received their full four hour treatment on Tuesday and have been NPO for OR today. No one is really sure why the “K” is so high. So of course I can understand why they would prefer the patient be in an intermediate or intensive care unit to get emergent bedside dialysis. The step down is full so they came here. No problem, right? WRONG.

The patient’s significant other is PISSED

They want to know why they couldn’t just dialyze the patient on the floor where they were. Renal nurse and doc explain the significance of the high potassium, the possibility of a potentially fatal arrhythmia, you know, all the bad shit related to elevated potassium and why they need continuous monitoring right now. 

The S.O. is still pissed. 


They don’t like the room, we don’t have anywhere for them to sleep. 


Forget the labs. Forget the safety of the patient. The room isn’t to their liking… 

Several seats… you need to have several seats…